Glaze for painting

Ingredients for the preparation of glazes for painting

  1. Egg white 1 pc.
  2. Icing sugar 200 g
  3. Lemon juice 1 tbsp. l
  • Main Ingredients

Preparation of glaze for painting:

Carefully separate the protein from the yolk, remove excess fiber from the protein. Protein must be clean.

Sift the icing sugar through a fine sieve, add it in parts to protein.

Beat with a silicone spatula or whisk until the icing acquires a snow-white color.

Add lemon juice and beat for a couple of minutes.

To draw fine lines, the glaze should be thick, and to cover the surface a little thinner. For the thickness of the glaze, add a little powder, if you need more liquid, then add ½ tsp. water and stir. Add water in small doses to your desired consistency.

The icing is ready.

To paint the glaze, use any food coloring. Paint a small amount of glaze and start decorating your products. So that the glaze does not dry, cover with cling film.

How to draw, what to fill the glaze with? To do this, you can use a strong plastic bag, make a bag of parchment, you can also use a file, and of course a pastry bag with nozzles.